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Interactive Group Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Interactive Group Discussion - Essay Example In line with this, each member was expected to study the PRINCE 2 structure closely. The work was to be chosen by each individual in the group this paved way for the development of, R&D.Members were expected to carry out documentation.The incorporation of individual aspect was to come out at this stage. The individual perspective was to be read out at the next meeting. In the following meetings project approach was identified. Technological Road Map (TRM) was identified. This however presented a new challenge to us. To begin with, two project members had to be explained to what TRM entail as they found it very complex.The identification of objectives brought forward an issue especially on the last. The objective mentioned that The TRM method and other optional methods. This was an issue as the objective was overloaded and vague. Members deliberated and we modified it to only one method. The decision on communication on completion of the work was decided. The group zeroed on email as the best method. Communication was an important aspect of any group interaction. The members were to keep in touch through the use of emails and also physical meetings. To begin with, the method was good as it was fast and time-saving. Considers that internet-based surveys may save time for researchers as access can be gained to a large number of individuals within a short time. In so doing it meant that communication could take place any time of the day as all one needed was a computer and internet connection.... to be chosen by each individual in the group this paved way for the development of ,R&D.Members were expected to carry out documentation .The incorporation of individual aspect was to come out at this stage. The individual perspective was to be read out at the next meeting. In the following meetings project approach was identified. Technological Road Map (TRM) was identified. This however presented a new challenge to us. To begin with two project members had to be explained to what TRM entail as they found it very complex .The identification of objectives brought forward an issue especially on the last. The objective mentioned that The TRM method and other optional methods. This was an issue as the objective was overloaded and vague. Members deliberated and we modified it to only one method. Decision on communication on completion of the work was decided. The group zeroed on email as the best method. Communication was an important aspect in any group interaction. The members were to keep in touch through the use of emails and also physical meetings. The prior, use of emails had pros and cons. To begin with the method was good as it was fast and time saving. Consinders that internet based surveys may save time for researchers as access can be gained to large number of individuals within a short time. ( Wright, 2005 p 8) . In so doing it meant that communication could take place any time of the day as all one needed was a computer and internet connection. Another advantage was that the communication could take place simultaneously between several individuals. (Mann, 2002 p 2) notices , ‘The internet enables to an interchange of messages between two or more users logged at different computer terminals’. However, the methods had certain disadvantages. One could not

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American Ethnic Literature Essay Example for Free

American Ethnic Literature Essay American Literature has been an important part of American people for centuries. What makes this type of literature great is that the authors vision is objective and not one sided. Several of the American authors are still considered to be great writers. The books that were written by these authors are still read by people of all ages around the United States. These books are now considered classic literature. American literature is considered American because it was written by American people. Overall, â€Å"editors appear to use an inconsistent combination of citizenship, geographical location, language, and subject matter (that is, the subject of America and the United States) (Hames- Garcia, p. 1, 2003). Most of the American literature was written by white men. In order to be considered American literature it has to be about the United States. There have been many great authors that write about science fiction, but because it is unreal their literature is not considered American literature. Politics also played an important role in literature. It was of great importance to portray the American character as an â€Å"exceptional entity† (Hames-Garcia, p. 1, 2003). In the early twentieth century, writers who were not American white men were not allowed to publish their works. Women writers as well as Black, Latino, American Indian, and immigrant writers were left out altogether. This happened because other ethnic groups were considered to be inferior. It was until the 1970s that feminist began to speak out and rebel against the oppression they were faced with. It is thanks to this reform that the American literature holds diversity. It allows for men and women to have the same opportunity to express their feelings without having to worry about their race or sex. Another type of literature is ethnic literature. This type of literature is often read as an autobiography, even when making no such claims. This is written on a first person point of view. The author’s point of view is specific to their personal beliefs and life stories. It is difficult for this type of author to provide an objectionable story. They are blinded by anger because of what they had to live. The topics these authors write about covers racism and suppression. The definitions and topics will vary depending on the life experiences that each author or their families experienced. The storyline will also vary because each author lived different time periods, and of course things change over time. Ethnic Literature is great because it now holds different point of views. Every person has a different perspective on what happens around them. What allows for this to be great is that each person is entitled not only to have their own belief, but they are able to express their feelings with freedom. No person is afraid of what repercussion might come because they decided to write from their heart. The truth allows readers to realize that life has been harder for some people more than others. It is easy to forget what our ancestors had to experience in order for each individual to encounter freedom. It is now easy for men and women of all races to walk freely around their city. This however came at a price, and this type of literature allows human beings to read and experience in some small way what it was like to live in a world were the color of your skin as well as your sex had a lot to do with the quality of life you lived. American Literature will continue to play an important role in American people. The only way to enjoy this type of literature is to introduce our younger generations to it. This is the perfect material needed to give to young readers so that they can value the lifestyle they are allowed to live today. It is up to us to keep this tradition alive so that our future generation can enjoy it as well. Reference Michael Hames-Garcia. (2003). Which America is ours? Martis Truth and the foundations of American literature. Modern Fiction Studies, 49(1), 19-53. Retrieved October 25, 2009, from Research Library. (Document ID: 328665241). Yonjae Jung. (2004). The New Americanist Intervention into the Canon. American Studies International, 42(2/3), 213-225. Retrieved October 26, 2009, from Research Library. (Document ID: 676208971).

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Capital Punishment Essay: Retain Capital Punishment? -- Argumentative

Capital Punishment - Retain or Not?      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   This essay tangles with the question of whether or not we should retain the death penalty within the American code of penal law.    There is a feeling of frustration and horror that we experience at the senseless and brutal crimes that too frequently disrupt the harmony of society. There is pain which accompanies the heartfelt sympathy that we extend to the victims' families who, in their time of suffering, are in need of the support and compassion of the whole community. Nothing will ever bring their loved ones back. Quite clearly, such violence is to be denounced vehemently.    Appropriate measures should be employed to safeguard our community and reduce the incidence of crime. The guilty should pay the penalty for their actions. At the same time, however, we as Christians also consider it our duty to question the suitability of retaining the death penalty within our penal system.    Today, in our nation more than 2,500 human beings await execution. As throughout history, so in our day, a disproportionate numbe...

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Organizational Needs Essay

The success of any business or any organization basically depends on proper planning and proper utilization of its resources. It is true that success dose not comes overnight, a need for assessing; exploring is required to be done. After planning, there comes the step of communication. The quality of communication determines the extent of the success of a business. In order to make communication effective career development programs are introduced to the employee by the organization. The basic aim of this kind of career development program is to make an individual employee give in his best to the company thus, maximizing profits. Although these programs were not really liked by some of the organizations. And were regarded as cost oriented, but with times as the result was good, people recognized its importance. â€Å"A needs assessment is a systematic exploration of the way things are and the way they should be†. As Gutteridge says that career development is not only the development of an individual but also the development of the management as a whole. It is equally essential, to know what learning will be accomplished, what changes in an individual’s performance are expected, what are the expected economic costs what will be the result, and after how much time will the target be achieved. Main Aim of Organizations As we know that the main aim of any origination or any business done is to get maximum profits. It is the same way in order to achieve the target. A lot of hard work has to be done, like conduction of career development programs. Knowdell (1982 – 1984) traced the origin of career developmental programs. This would of course enhance their abilities of the employees as we know that â€Å"a career development system with in a business is an organized formalized, planned effort to achieve a balance between the individuals. † With the help of these career program employees and managers know about their potentials and weaknesses, they come to know how to manage their own careers and this way feel more confident and responsible about themselves. A career developmental program should be based on: Check Actual Performance The very first step should be to check and analyze the present abilities of the employees and of course the current satiation of the organization in which it is running. After the analyses of the current situation have been made we could them go on to focus on our desired goal. By the help of the information gained on the abilities and on the capabilities of the employees we could by the help of counselors could guide an individual employee, on what particular part. He basically has got to focus. This practice may take time but with time slowly and gradually every individual employee would to his organization. It is very crucial that one must distinguish the actual needs from the perceived needs. It is true that with proper training, guidance and of course not to forget full cooperation of the employee, the target of maximums profits would be achieved. An individual should work harder on his weak points and should strive to develop his stronger ones. Set Priorities After analyzing an individual or the employee’s strengths and weaknesses we could know what kind of training is needed by an individual. What time, money should be allocated on him. One thing which should be kept in mind is the organizational needs goals and realities. The employee who is under training should set priorities that is, on which area he should work first, as per the need of his organization. If all these matter would be taken into consideration then without any doubt he would develop himself his abilities, his sense of responsibility, knowledge, skill and would accomplish his goals. Identify Problem Areas In this step we would identify those areas in which working have got to be done. After the problem is identified specific solution has to be applied. This will of course require detailed investigation and analysis. Identify Appropriate Solutions In this last step after solution have been applied to the specific problems, still as it is there is more room for improvement. It is important to move people into new direct to explore more and to improve. There are specific research centers like â€Å"the society’s career development program provides awards intended to meet the specific needs of investigators at different states in their research careers†. Thus, a lot of encouragement is given to all those people under training, so as to encourage them get good results. Essential Components The oxford English dictionary says One’s careers are one’s course or progress through life. This basically means that as an individual keeps on progressing and making himself better, through gaining more knowledge and information he keeps on improving with time and practice to improve there are self development tools. Self Assessment Know body know you as well as you know yourself. So as it is that the person under training should assess himself that what kind of training he should take or what kind of training would help to make his career develop and prosper. He should take care of his weak points and should develop his strengths. It is very curtail that counseling should be done by an expert advisor to the trainee. This way the trainee would be sure as to which way he has to go. There are also internal labor marketing and many more components. Pro and Cons There are advantages as well as certain disadvantages of getting into career programming. The good points are that after a certain period of time with a lot of hard work and labor the organization would gain good profits. There are certain disadvantages as well like it is very. Time consuming; it involves a lot of time, labor and money which would otherwise be spent elsewhere in the company. Conclusion There is a well enough connection between the organizational development and career development. As we know that a lot of individuals make is going to go under training gains knowledge develop his skill and abilities. Eventually he would perform well in that organization and because of him the company would make a lot of profits there he would certainly be rewarded. Thus his way he would also develop his career and this would certainly be a good start in his life. Reference

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Bluest Eye - 1268 Words

â€Å"No one believed that a black African could write a good book† (Satwase). In the Bluest Eye Toni Morrison uses wrong and discomfort to show the crushing consequences that come from racism. In 1950 America, racial discrimination was implied by different skin colors. The Bluest Eye shows ways in which white beauty standards hurt lives of black females, blacks that discriminate on each other and the community’s bias on who you were. Toni Morrison uses the racism of the 1950 s and shows that It is the blackness that accounts for, that creates, the vacuum edged with distaste in white eyes. Characters that faced uncomfortable racism include Claudia MacTeer, Pecola Breedlove, and Geraldine. Many female characters were discriminated by the†¦show more content†¦She becomes a reminder of human cruelty and an emblem of human suffering† (Watkins).As much as Morrison concentrates on the aspect of white racism, she includes other aspects of racism that involve black attitudes toward each other as well as white attitudes toward blacks. Geraldine is a middle-class African American woman has devoted her life to removing any sort of â€Å"Funk,† whether it is dirt, disorder, or sex. Geraldine has sacrificed any pleasure she could have had for this â€Å"beauty.† She, in fact, maintains this beauty because she is fixated with society’s ideal of what makes a person beautiful. She associates beauty with skin color in much the same way as Pecola does, and therefore has learned to hate her own skin because she is not white. â€Å"She is so full of self−loathing that she wants to eliminate any trace of her color, in favor of pale skin and strai ght hair† (Satwase). She also decides to eliminate what she considered to be the emotional characteristics of blacks, in an effort to change her color. In her mind, the elimination of blackness meant â€Å"the careful development of thrift, patience, high morals, and good manners† while getting rid of â€Å"passion†¦nature†¦ [And] the wide range of human emotions†(Colson). So she devotes her life to changing herself, and makes a â€Å"successful† transformation. She is now as pretty as a doll, and as soulless as one. Geraldine did not want to consider herself a black female do toShow MoreRelatedThe Bluest Eye Analysis921 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"The Bluest Eye† â€Å"The Bluest Eye† by Toni Morrison is a very complex story. While not being a novel of great length is very long on complexity. It tells the story of Pecola Breedlove, a young African American girl immersed in poverty and made â€Å"ugly† by the Society of the early 1940’s that defines beauty in terms of blonde haired white skinned , and in this case specifically Shirley Temple. The novel opens in the fall of 1941, just after the Great Depression, in Lorain, Ohio. Nine-year-old ClaudiaRead MoreEssay on Bluest eye1102 Words   |  5 Pages Toni Morrison’s novel, The Bluest Eye, presents the lives of several impoverished black families in the 1940’s in a rather unconventional and painful manner. Ms. Morrison leads the reader through the lives of select children and adults, describing a few powerful incidents, thoughts and experiences that lend insight into the motivation and. behavior of these characters. In a somewhat unconventional manner, the young lives of Pauline Williams Breedlove and Charles (Cholly) Breedlove are presentedRead MoreAnalysis Of The Bluest Eye 818 Words   |  4 PagesIn The Bluest Eye, Pecola the protagonist is taken under the Macteer family’s wing much like â€Å"The African family is community-based and the nurturing quality is not contained within the nuclear family, but is rather the responsibility of the entire community† (Ranstrà ¶m). In traditional Africa each child has a place and is welcome in the community. The act of parenting another child was not odd because every adult that lived in each community believed that any child is welcome in anyone’s home. ThisRead MoreThe Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison1587 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"We were born to die and we die to live.† Toni Morrison correlates to Nelson’s quote in her Nobel Lecture of 1993, â€Å"We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.† In Toni Morrison’s novel, The Bluest Eye, she uses language to examine the concepts of racism, lack of self-identity, gender roles, and socioeconomic hardships as they factor into a misinterpretation of the American Dream. Morrison illustrates problems that these issues provoke throughRead MoreThe Character of Cholly in The Bluest Eye1317 Words   |  6 Pages The Character of Cholly in The Bluest Eye nbsp; Morrison has divided her portrayal of a fictional town of blacks, which suffers from alienation and subjugation, into four seasons.nbsp; I believe that her underlying message is to illustrate the reality of lifes travails: the certain rhythms of blessings and tragedies.nbsp; Some blacks understand and acccept this philosophy and Morrisons use of the seasons portrays and echoes the bible verse, To every thing there is a season, andRead MoreThe Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison992 Words   |  4 PagesSet in the 1940s, during the Great Depression, the novel The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison, illustrates in the inner struggles of African-American criticism. The Breedloves, the family the story revolves around a poor, black and ugly family. They live in a two-room store front, which is open, showing that they have nothing. In the family there is a girl named Pecola Breedlove, she is a black and thinks that she is ugly because she is not white. Pecola’s father, Cholly Breedlove, goe s through humiliatedRead MoreThe Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison2069 Words   |  9 Pagesblack/whiteness. Specifically, white people were positioned at the upper part of the hierarchy, whereas, African Americans were inferior. Consequently, white people were able to control and dictate to the standards of beauty. In her novel, ‘The Bluest Eye’, Toni Morrison draws upon symbolism, narrative voice, setting and ideals of the time to expose the effects these standards had on the different characters. With the juxtaposition of Claudia MacTeer and Pecola Breedlove, who naively conforms toRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book The Bluest Eye 1115 Words   |  5 Pagesbeliefs. However, in The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, the topic of racism is approached in a very unique way. The characters within the novel are subjected to internalizing a set of beliefs that are extremely fragmented. In accepting white standards of beauty, the community compromises their children’s upbringing, t heir economic means, and social standings. Proving furthermore that the novel has more to do with these factors than actual ethnicity at all. In The Bluest Eye, characters experience aRead MoreThe Bluest Eyes By Toni Morrison1118 Words   |  5 PagesFood and appetite is a relatable experience for everyone. Many believe food is strictly just for enjoying while you eat, however within Toni Morrison’s novel â€Å"The Bluest Eyes† she makes many distinct references to food. Through these means, she creates each individual personality of the characters. She goes on to use this association for most food references within her novel. The result enables the reader to have a more relatable experience with each of her characters regardless of color. OverallRead MoreCharacter Analysis Of The Bluest Eye1889 Words   |  8 Pages Love Doesnt Last The Bluest Eye is a novel based in Ohio on 1941. One of the narrators from of the novel is Claudia, she is a nine-year-old African-American girl that lives with her mother, father and her ten-year-older sister in an old green house, they didnt have much money but they made up for it with love. The family had so much love they accepted the main character of The Bluest Eyes, Pecola Breedlove in to their house, a 11 year old African American girl that hated the melanin in her skin

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Hitting a Baseball Is It the Hardest Thing to Do in All...

Have you ever wondered how baseball players are able to crush 400 foot homeruns? It takes years and years to perfect a baseball swing to be able to do that. Swinging a bat and hitting a baseball is a lot more difficult than most people think. The pros make it look so easy because they have to perfect many mechanics just to hit a ball hard on the sweet spot of the bat. â€Å"Hitting is the single most difficult thing to do in sport.† this coming from Ted Williams, one of the greatest hitters of all time. Hitting a baseball requires more mechanical precision compared to other sports (Williams). When baseball first started, the scores would be very low because no one knew how important the mechanics of the baseball swing were. This period of†¦show more content†¦Linear hitting really got started when the bats got lighter and the handles got skinnier. When this change occurred, it made it easier to shorten a player’s swing so he could reach the ball faster. This me thod also became more popular because it is easy to learn and to replicate. More young hitters are now using it because it teaches a player to get his power from his hands, wrists, and arms. But most kids have problems with this way of thinking because they are looking to hit homeruns. So instead, they drop their hands, swing hard, and then hit the ball straight up. Linear hitting really focuses on getting your hands to the ball and through the ball to make good contact (Jones). The big strong hitters today that look to try and pull the ball and hit for power use the hitting philosophy called rotational hitting. Rotational hitting is turning and pulling the ball. Most of the hitters who use rotational hitting usually do not have high averages. Rotational hitting teaches using your body, mainly the core, to generate more power. The whole goal of rotational hitting is just trying to hit the ball harder. Mike Epstein is most associated with the rotational philosophy and made it popul ar. If a player is just looking to hit the ball harder and farther, he should probably try rotational hitting (Epstein). Through time, the method of hitting has changed a lot. The two main hitting styles are linear and rotational hitting. From 1920 to 1975, rotational hitting wasShow MoreRelatedWhy Baseball Is the Most Difficult Sport Essay examples1144 Words   |  5 PagesOut of all the vast variety of sports there are, baseball is the most challenging and difficult sport to play. No other sport compares to the degree of difficulty that you have to deal with, like you do in playing the game of baseball. There are so many different elements that make this game the most difficult. Three major elements stick out in my mind as to why this wonderful sport is the toughest of all. The three main factors in my mind are the increased physical and hand eye coordination componentRead MoreBaseball Is The Hardest Sport Essay1470 Words   |  6 PagesBaseball is the Hardest Sport All sports in some ways are difficult. No two sports are exactly the same with the same struggles. Playing baseball is the most difficult due to the physical and mental challenges that are performed by the athletes. Baseball is not a sport that any athlete can just pick up and play. Professional baseball players have a season with 162 games before post season. Baseball players arent the biggest, the strongest, or the fastest. A baseball player can be any size andRead MoreEssay about Discourse Community1391 Words   |  6 Pagesappeals. Being in a discourse community has made me put these appeals into perspective. Understanding that being in that community made me a stronger woman. This will give me a chance to show you, my professor and classmates that softball is indeed a sport. I will prove why I attended this discourse community in softball at a young age to now by explaining the mental state of understanding the rules, the physical mechanisms, and the emotional connection it has on my authority, team and myself. HavingRead MoreEssay on The Use of Sterioids in Baseball1434 Words   |  6 PagesSteroids In Baseball Baseball was meant to be a sport for people to play and to have fun while doing it. It was like that for a while until drugs such as steroids started becoming more accessible. There has been an ongoing conversation lately about cheating in sports. Within the four major sports in the US, baseball has been talked about the most when it comes to cheating. It is not only a problem in Major League Baseball. Young kids playing in college use steroids. Nowadays, athletes will tryRead MoreAthletes Overpaid? Essay1018 Words   |  5 Pagesand teamwork, none of these things are on an SAT or a college admissions test. When someone watches a sporting event they don’t learn anything that has to do with the history of the world, important literature, essential science knowledge, or necessary math skills (aside from watching the score). These are four of the most important things needed to be successful in life. None of which come from watching professional athletes bouncing a ball, throwing a ball, or hitting a ball. When it is reallyRead MoreHow to Play Golf1607 Words   |  7 Pagesis a lot of sports you can play throughout your life but I would have to say playing golf is the most challenging. Like in basketball you can practice your free throw shots multiple times and keep getting close to the hoop, which is the target, and get frustrated that it didn’t go in. But in golf you rarely ever get close to the target and when you do it’s like making a basket, you are super excited. It takes patients, and dedication to keep practicing. The first thing you need to do if you areRead MorePresident Roosevelt and The Selective Training and Service Act2983 Words   |  12 Pagesgame of baseball was at an all-time high in the eyes of the American public. During the 1941 major league baseball season the fans of game knew they witnessed two things that would go on to be very special. First Joe DiMaggio reached a feat that very well may never happen again, hitting safely in 56 consecutive games. Then Ted Williams went on to finish the season with a batting average of .406, marking the last time a player has finished the season with a batting average over .400. As baseball blossomedRead MoreThis Photo Shows My Mom. She Is What Got This Family Up1694 Words   |  7 PagesThis photo shows my mom. She is what got this family up to their potential. She is always there to help us when we need her and she helped us do better and get the best that she can provide. Even though everything in the background owned by my dad but noth ing could have been done without her. This picture was taken in Vernon California 2016 at a company that’s considered big to most people and still growing. My mom was 9 when she left home and moved from one families house to another, to work andRead MoreNormal Distribution and Standard Deviation1399 Words   |  6 Pagesdistribution, range, standard deviation, stimulus Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.) Most professional baseball pitchers can throw a fastball over 145 km/h (90 mph). This gives the batter less than half a second to read the pitch, decide whether to swing, and then try to hit the ball. No wonder hitting a baseball is considered one of the hardest things to do in sports! 1. What are some things in your life you must react to quickly? You need to react quickly when you areRead MoreThe Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Essay2170 Words   |  9 PagesPeople do not acknowledge the struggles that African Americans had to endure for them to be treated equally, the way a true American is supposed to be treated. One of the ways they were not treated equally was by not being able to participate in sports with whites. From the beginning of our nation, colored people were highly disrespected and treated as if they were some type of animals, which have no say in what happens to them. They were not given any opportunities and were treated harshly because

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Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) Essay - 872 Words

Youth crime is a growing epidemic that affects most teenagers at one point in their life. There is no question in society to whether or not youths are committing crimes. It has been shown that since 1986 to 1998 violent crime committed by youth jumped approximately 120% (CITE). The most controversial debate in Canadian history would have to be about the Young Offenders Act (YOA). In 1982, Parliament passed the Young Offenders Act (YOA). Effective since 1984, the Young Offenders Act replaced the most recent version of the Juvenile Delinquents Act (JDA). The Young Offenders Act’s purpose was to shift from a social welfare approach to making youth take responsibility for their actions. It also addressed concerns that the paternalistic†¦show more content†¦Youth crime is a tough issue, with many differing opinions. Punishment and rehabilitation, one, the other, or both, all topics of debate within society. If you were to discuss the issues with the parents of a victim, it would be understandable that their opinions would differ greatly than those of the parents of the offender. Many people have formed an opinion without an in depth look at the act. Others simply do not care. The question that needs to be answered is, does the Youth Criminal Justice Act in Canada properly address the victims rights, the rights and needs of the young offender, and does it protect public safety? That question is hard to answer, as some people think that the Act is a more decent and humane way to approach young persons in trouble with the law. On the other hand others feel it offers too much protection to those whom least deserve it -- the young offenders, and very little to those who deserve it -- the victims. The Youth Criminal Justice Act should concentrate on making young offenders aware that they will be held responsible and accountable for their behaviour. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Today, despite the fact that youth crime ratesShow MoreRelatedThe Youth Criminal Justice Act893 Words   |  4 Pagesfire. The youth criminal justice Act (YCJA) provided opportunities for them to reintegrate and rehabilitate, instead of throwing them in jail. YCJA covers kids between the ages twelve to seventeen years old. It s purpose is to handle youth offenders more differently than adults because of their undeveloped minds. The YCJA was released back in 2003. By protecting the rights and providing Youth Canadians the support they need, the YCJA benefits the offenders in a positive way. The act gentrustRead Moreimprovements of our youth criminal justice system Essay1187 Words   |  5 PagesWhen thinking about youth crime do you envision a country with a high rate of young offenders, gang activity and re-offending? Or do you envision a country with a significant increase of young offenders either being successfully reintegrated into society, or help ed by a community when seeking forgiveness for a minor offence that they have committed? Since the passing of Bill C-7 or the Youth Criminal Justice Act on February 4, 2002 by the House of Commons, many significant improvements have beenRead MoreThe Youth Criminal Justice Act879 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice† –Abraham Lincoln Why is it that gardeners spend so much time nurturing their precious flowers? Perhaps the answer lies in the satisfaction which is gained from raising beautiful blooms. In like manner, Canada’s government believes that their flourishing youth deserve care and support in their journey of learning morals. The Youth Criminal Justice Act is a system which enforces the punishment of teenagers from the ages of 12-17Read MoreYouth Criminal Justice Act881 Words   |  4 PagesWhen someone mentions the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), some would argue that there is no purpose for it. Some believe that the age boundary is inappropriate; some believe that children should not have reduced sentences and special rights; and some may think that a youth’s criminal record should be accessible in the future. If one would look at all of the positive aspects, statistics, and examples that apply to the YCJA, then they would better appreciate the statute that applies to the youngRead More Juvenile Delinquency Act ( Jda ) And Young Offenders Act1260 Words   |  6 Pagesetc. Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), a part of Canadian Legislation, determines the process of prosecution for youths under the Canadian Criminal Justice system. This has assisted several young adults reintegrate into society. It contains a set of definitive purposes and principles to aid judges in deciding sentences that are appropriate for youth. Prior to the YCJA, the Youth Justice Legislation was greatly influenced by two major acts: Juvenile Delinquents Act (JDA) and Young Offenders Act (YOA)Read MoreYouth Criminal Justice Act Essay1257 Words   |  6 Pagescontinue the government established the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) which gives young offenders a chance to better themselves, and. By doing so, the YCJA helps teach youth that their actions are unacceptable and the punishments imposed are lesser then an adult. Through the analysis of their unacceptable actions, lesser punishments and a better future, it is clear that YCJA is highly effective at giving youth a better chance in society. The YCJA teaches youth that their actions were unacceptableRead MoreYouth Criminal Justice Act1532 Words   |  7 PagesThe Youth Criminal Justice Act is a piece of Canadian legislation...that determines the way in which youths are prosecuted under Canadas criminal justice system. The act was implemented April 1, 2003, after 7 years, 3 drafts, and more than 160 amendments. The clearly stated purpose of the Youth Criminal Justice Act is protection of the public through crime prevention, rehabilitation, and meaningful consequences (s.3(1)(a)(I-iii)). For a better understanding on whether the courts were followingRead MoreHow Effective Is The Youth Justice System Essay1709 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction How effective is the Youth Justice System in responding to youth crime? Since the arrival of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) came into effect, the crime rates have decreased. Previously Canada had one of the highest youth incarceration rates in the western world. However since the Youth Criminal Justice Act got put into place in 2003, the crime rates have declined significantly. The Youth Justice System does their best to better and rehabilitate the adolescents that get intoRead MoreThe For Young Boys From Hell s Kitchen New York1657 Words   |  7 PagesHow would you feel if one act of immaturity defined the rest of your life? Not very good one would imagine. However it does happen and in this case it has happened to four young boys from Hell’s Kitchen New York. A simple idea of a funny prank on the local hot dog vender turned into a nightmare for the boys. Their prank got them charged with Criminal Negligence causing Bodily Harm, Theft and Mischief over $5,000. The b oys were sentenced to a young boy’s home where they were sexually and psychicallyRead MoreYCJA841 Words   |  4 PagesMental Illness and Risk-Needs Responsivity Referring to aspects from Goldson and Muncie’s (2006) article on â€Å"a youth justice with integrity† (pp. 99-102), the essay will argue that section 38 of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) should incorporate a risk-needs responsivity model (RNR) to the sentencing structure. Moreover, this addition should replace the 2012 amendments of section 38, which incorporated deterrence and denunciation into sentencing practices (s. 38(2)(f)). This amendment has